“This book is not a history of success. It is the beginning of success for women who can see themselves living better lives, and refusing to let their beginnings define their life accomplishments. During my career so many wonderful women have inspired me to keep trying … to keep reaching for those dreams. I hope these women will inspire you, too.” – Connie Rankin

10 Women, 10 Great Stories

Award-winning entrepreneur and author Connie Rankin wrote this inspirational book to share the wisdom and experience of 10 amazing women. God Gave Us Wings features incredible true stories which sometimes begin to spin out of control, from Oprah’s personal journey to a wounded warrior’s battle to survive.

These women faced monumental life challenges. In spite of enormous trials, they found the secret to living victoriously ― they drew on their faith, courage, resiliency, and strength, discovered their wings and have taken flight.

Their remarkable stories were written as a catalyst to empower female readers and propel them toward success. The women in this book have boldly defined their words for success. Their achievements demonstrate that no matter what your circumstances, you can rise higher than you ever imagined.

Are you ready to be inspired?

The story of God Gave Us Wings in Connie’s own words:

Not too long ago, I had lost my way. After years of being highly motivated, family-oriented and spiritually enriched, all I cared about was running my successful commercial real estate firm. The joy was gone and nothing else mattered … not my family, not my friends, and not my community.

One day in sheer desperation, I cried out for God to give me back my joy – His answer wasn’t what I expected. I was to write a book called God Gave Us Wings to empower others to move past their fear into faith. Boy, did I try to negotiate, especially when I heard Oprah’s story was to be part of the book. I said, “no way, this just isn’t possible.” Imagine next hearing – “I Am!” This brought me to my knees crying out, saying – “Yes you are!”

When you are desperate, you cry out for help — but to whom? The women in God Gave Us Wings, including me, found their cries answered by The One who said, “I am the way.”