During Your Darkest Hour, You Cry Out for Help, but to Whom? The Police, Family, Friends, or is it, God?


In the Bible, there are hundreds of different titles for God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For the purpose of this blog, He will be referred to solely as “God.”

Some people feel God is dead, and others believe He is alive and well. What is the crucial difference between those two beliefs? It’s faith! If you know God, you know He will carry you under his wings until you are strong enough to fly victoriously to the other side.

More than 9 in 10 Americans still say “yes” when asked if they believe in God or a universal spirit, which is down only slightly from the Gallup Poll of 70 years ago at 92 percent. The difference between the two polls is that the question was expanded to include a universal spirit. The new numbers indicate that 80 percent of respondents believe in God, 12 percent believe in a universal spirit, 6 percent don’t believe, 1 percent chose “other,” and 1 percent have no opinion. These numbers overwhelmingly suggest that modern-day Americans do believe there is a God.

For myself, I believe that knowing God has more to do with the heart than with the logical mind. Faith involves taking a leap without having absolute certainty of where you’ll land. Once we accept that we cannot control everything, then we have greater peace in our lives.

The real joy of believing in a higher power like God is that you begin to respond more from love than judgment, since we are all children of God. Even the most religious can sometimes get lost along the way and must pray for guidance.

Once you’ve moved past your fear and judgment into faith, you will begin to soar on wings like eagles and climb high up above the sky, experiencing such joy and love leaving you breathless—and you will undoubtedly know His name!

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